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  • What is Reiki?
    Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is a natural healing alternative clearing blocks to restore flow of energy. Reiki relieves pain, calms emotions, and improves the mind and body. Non-invasive, Reiki is done by a certified practitioner done with light or no touching hand movements that channels universal energy. Reiki is a natural healing alternative that relives pain, calms emotions, and improves the mind and body Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words: "Rei" meaning spiritually guided or all knowing and "Ki" meaning life force energy. Together, Reiki means universal life force energy. Reiki is channeled energy flowing from source, through me, and to you. The healing energy from Reiki will flow to any area of your body (physical & non-physical) that needs it.
  • How does distance Reiki work?
    Since Reiki is universal energy it's present everywhere. My favorite distance Reiki technique is having a photograph of who I'm giving Reiki to. This gives me a clear vision of where the energy is being sent! Distance Reiki doesn't just mean physical distance. Reiki can also be sent to past or future events. You can foster healing a past trauma by sending Reiki energy to that specific moment OR send the energy to a future events.* Anyone can receive Reiki as long as they're open to the energy no matter how far away! *if you're interested in receiving Reiki to a future or past moment please reach out here.
  • What are the benefits?
    There are sooo many benefits to receiving Reiki, especially regularly!! Reiki can be felt in endless ways, but I'm going to list a few common ones. Relieves aches & pains Boosts energy Improves immune system Detoxifies the body & aura Strengthens self-esteem Increases intuition Increases pleasure Relieves fatigue & burnout Relaxes mind & body reducing stress, anxiety, and depression Improved sense of optimism for a more positive, peaceful outlook Calmer version of self Deeper connection to spiritual self / spirituality Improvement in sleep Balances energy centers (Chakras) Increases mental clarity
  • How do I know if I need Reiki?
    How you feel determines if you need Reiki. If you feel out of alignment then you know you need energy healing, but here are some signs! Burnout - you're tired all of the time Emotionally overwhelmed Chronic pain Brain fog Lack of motivation Feeling sad and hopeless Trouble sleeping Not experiencing pleasure Heartache Clumsy. Banging your toe and dropping things is a huge sign your energy centers are off and need alignment!
  • How often should I get Reiki?
    I think it's important to self-heal daily! You don't have to be a Reiki practitioner for self practice, however receiving from a certified Reiki practitioner will definitely accelerate your healing journey. I encourage consistent Reiki sessions to maintain alignment of emotions, energy centers, and any physical issues that may linger. How consistent is up to you!! You can receive a session weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or just anytime you feel "called" to! ❤️ When you're starting Reiki it's sometimes best to schedule a few sessions within a few days/weeks of each other. This will really give you the reboot and fresh start you're looking for! After that, it's all about maintenance. Since Reiki is most beneficial with regular sessions I offer a rewards program called "Healing Peaches." Here you'll be able to earn Peaches (points) to get a free Reiki session! Check out my Healing Peaches Reward Program for more information :)
  • How do Reiki videos work?
    Reiki can be infused into anything from food, drinks, jewelry, clothes, videos, and sooo much more!! All you have to do is be open to receiving Reiki energy.
  • What's a Reiki Master?
    To put this very simply, a Reiki Master has all three levels of Reiki training (Reiki I, Reiki II, and Advanced Reiki), received the Master attunement, and has taught Reiki to someone else.
  • What's the history of Reiki?
    Usui Reiki was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui! Dr. Usui grew up with a Buddhist family in 1865. He was able to gain an education in medicine, psychology, and theology. With his interest in sciences and having grown up in a Buddhist home Dr. Usui traveled studying many kinds of healing techniques. After a spiritual awakening on Mount Kurama, Reiki came to light for Dr. Usui. He then opened healing and teaching clinics becoming known for his healing method. Dr. Hayashi, a disciple of Dr. Usui, helped further develop the Usui system of Reiki. Using his improved system, Dr. Hayashi trained several more Reiki Masters, including a woman named Hawayo Takata. Mrs. Takata was a Japanese-American woman from Hawai'i who originally went to Dr. Hayashi for healing. After becoming a Reiki Master herself, Mrs. Takata took Reiki home to the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions


Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.

Albert Einstein

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